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Rent a car from your neighbours
The most affordable option

Carsharing is a lot cheaper than owning a car. SnappCar is the most affordable option for day and weekend trips.

Open the car with our app

Keyless cars can be opened with the SnappCar app, which is very convenient!

A trustworthy community

Every new user is screened, we offer all-risk insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance through the Eurocross.

A greener neighbourhood

Go for a neighbourhood with more green than gray. Less parking means more space to live and play!

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With 10.000 shared cars we are always nearby

SnappCar is the largest carsharing platform in the Netherlands. Even outside the big cities, you can often find a shared car or van in your area.

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This is how car sharing with SnappCar works

Find a car close to you

Find a car that suits your needs by using our search filters

Send a rental request

Send a rental request to the owner of the car and complete the payment once the booking gets accepted by the owner.

Pick up the car & start your journey

Open the car with the app (for Keyless cars) or meet up with the owner for a key exchange. And let your journey begin!

Find cars that you can open through the app

When searching for a car, use the Keyless filter to find cars that you can open using the SnappCar app. No need to meet the owner to get the keys!

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Instant Booking

Need a car in a short amount of time? Use the Instant Booking filter and find cars that you can book directly without having to wait for a reply from the owner.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SnappCar?

How do you rent a car?

Am I all-risk insured?

What is the difference between SnappCar and other rental companies?

How old do I have to be to rent from SnappCar?

How much does it cost to rent a car from SnappCar?

Do you offer roadside assistance?

Can I also rent out my car?

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Rent a van

With SnappCar, you can easily and affordably rent a van in your area. Are you moving, or are you going to pick up that beautiful table you saw on Marktplaats? Renting a van for a short period of time is easily done.

Many of the vans on SnappCar are equipped with the keyless system. That means that you can open the van with the SnappCar app. How cool is that? You book the van, pick it up when you need it, and when you're done, you return the van and lock it with the app. You don't have to meet anyone or make arrangements for when to return the van.

Rent a moving van

Vans on SnappCar are often used for moving. We see a significant peak in bookings for vans at the end of each month. So if you're planning to move, book your moving van in time.

You can easily rent a van in Amsterdam, rent a van in Rotterdam or in Utrecht and The Hague, SnappCar has offerings in almost every location in the Netherlands.

Renting a van from a private individual

SnappCar is a platform on which individuals share cars and vans. So you always rent from a private individual, someone in your neighborhood, perhaps that friendly neighbor at number 58. As a result, the vans are always located near you, and you don't have to travel far. The vans are often parked in places where there is plenty of parking space, so you can also drive your car to the location where you pick up the van. Convenient, right?