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Share your car with your neighbours

Earn back your car costs while helping the environment

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The benefits of sharing your car with SnappCar

Earning money with you car

Owning a car is expensive. By sharing it you will earn money while also helping out your neighbours that need a car every now and then

Getting access to an easy app that gives you full control

Our app and optional Keyless technology make it easy to share your car. You choose between staying in control or letting us optimize your car profile.

Being fully insured within a trustworthy community

All rentals are all-risk insured through our partner Allianz, and all renters are thoroughly screened and peer-reviewed

Contributing to a greener neighborhood

Choose for a neighborhood with more green than gray. More shared cars means less parking, which means more space to live and play!

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Fully insured

Renting out your car through SnappCar means you are always all-risk insured through our insurance partner Allianz.


SnappCar Keyless

With SnappCar Keyless you can safely rent out your car without being present! Renters that book your car can open and close your car easily through the app.

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How does it work?

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What our car owners say

"I'm receiving a lot of rental requests. Carsharing really took of in The Hague. The rental requests have had a wide range of reasons like weddings, going away for a day or even a taxi exam. All layers of society in The Hague are participating in carsharing!"

Jeroen - The Hague

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"We already own a lot... That's why I think sharing with others is important, because I want to consume less while I want to contribute to the environment. Next to this, it's nice to have some extra financial benefits and by this lower my car costs."

Debby - Utrecht

You're in charge with our simple app

With SnappCar you're in charge. Try it today and experience the benefits!

Choose your own price

Follow our tailored advice or choose your own

Decide who to rent out to

Review requests on an invididual basis, or let our Instant Booking settings do it for you

Rent out when it suits you

You decide when your car is available

Join us in our mission!

Our mission is to remove 50% of all cars through car sharing. For the benefit of our planet, its resources, and society. Imagine a world where 5 out of 10 cars in our streets were no longer needed. Want to participate?

Rent out your car on SnappCar

Do you want to rent out your car? SnappCar makes it possible, because SnappCar is the Airbnb for cars. Sign-up your own car and share it with your neighbourhood. Set the dayprice and choose the dates when you rent it out. Is your car standing still all weekend? Then that's a perfect time to rent out your car. You can earn back a large part of your car costs and even make a profit.

Rent out your private car

SnappCar is a platform where you can rent out your own car. This means that there are no commercial cars on our platform, but that nice neighbour from number 3. A renter rents someone's private car, which makes it very personal. Renting out your private car is easiest in urban areas like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht. But also in smaller towns or villages you can rent out your car.

Rent out as a private person

At SnappCar, you can rent out your car as a private person. Peer to peer car sharing is the name of that As a private person, it is very simple. You register your car, make a few good pictures, indicate the price for which you rent out your car, open your calendar on the days that you do not need the car and you are ready to go. You can start renting out your car within 15 minutes. Have fun!