The ride that drives two points home

You might be familiar with private lease: the freedom of owning a car for a fixed amount per month, including maintenance and insurance. Easy and convenient choice. However, with SnappCar Private Lease that choice is now both financially attractive and contributes to our planet. Say what now?

Doing others a favour is favourable for you
SnappCar Private Lease is different from other car leasing companies because we guarantee upfront that it’s completely fine for you to rent out your car on SnappCar. Yes, that’s right, you make money when you don’t need your ride. Simply share it on our platform. And of course, we’ve got you covered with all risk insurance.

Car sharing is the way to a better climate
Did you know that the average car doesn’t move for 23 hours a day? That’s just crazy. SnappCar aims to put a dent in the status quo. This is the 21st century, we can be more efficient – especially when we work together. Every car shared takes away the need for ten other cars on the road. One for ten. Imagine the space you single-handedly create in your street, simply by sharing with others. Fewer cars mean less pollution – both in production and emissions – which means a better planet for us all. Go you!

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I’m interested. What else do I need to know?

The contract explained
How to apply
Renting out on SnappCar
Choose Keyless
The contract explained
Okay, time for a recap:

SnappCar Private Lease allows you to own a car for a set term and a fixed amount per month. You’ll get flexibility matched with a sharp price. The monthly amount includes car maintenance, all-risk insurance, and road tax. Though fines and parking permits are of course excluded. The biggest benefit of SnappCar Private Lease is that you can make money by renting out your car through SnappCar.

Some things to consider:

  • Your lease agreement is for a set term. You can choose for 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. In case you opt for a flexible bundle, you’re allowed to end the agreement after 12 months.
  • To be eligible for SnappCar Private Lease you’ll need to show that your income can carry the monthly lease price. Your lease agreement will be registered with the Credit Registration Office (BKR).
  • Your lease agreement states a maximum number of kilometres you can drive per year. Kilometres that were driven by your SnappCar renters also apply to this total amount. Any kilometres driven outside of your agreement will be surcharged. You have a range of options to choose the number of kilometres that suit your driving and renting out needs.
How to apply
Renting out on SnappCar
Choose Keyless

What others have to say about SnappCar Private Lease

Which of course all drive as green as possible!
Ik heb tijdens mijn contract alle kosten terugverdiend door te delen.
Laura | Haarlem
Mijn auto is met Keyless vaak beschikbaar. En ik rij ook nog eens heel goedkoop.
Iwan | Den Haag
Door de private lease deal van SnappCar heeft de buurt er een leuke auto bij! En hoe cool is het om in zo'n strakke Fiat 500 te kunnen rijden!
Eric | Utrecht

FAQ; The most frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of SnappCar Private Lease?

Apart from a sharply-priced lease agreement, SnappCar Private Lease offers you the ability to rent out your car on our platform. That means you get to make money and can thus cover your monthly lease expenses.

  • On average, you can earn €350 per month when opting for Keyless
  • You get to choose from some of the most popular cars on our platform
  • Flexibel lease agreements, with discounts on kilometre bundles
  • Fast delivery on most cars (2-3 weeks)
What is included in my monthly lease price?

All lease agreements include the following in the monthly lease price: road tax, car maintenance and repairs, and all-risk insurance. Traffic fines, parking permits, fuel, and kilometres driven outside your bundle are excluded. Please see the specific terms per make and model.

With which party do I sign my lease agreement?

Your lease agreement is held by the lease partner of your preferred make and model. Check out your preferred car to see which lease partner applies.

When you choose to have Keyless installed in your car you will also enter a separate agreement with SnappCar. These agreements are separate and can be forfeited as such (within the applied terms and conditions).

Am I obligated to share my car on SnappCar?

Sharing your car on SnappCar is not obligated. However, for the sake of our climate, our society, and our mission we truly care when you share as much as possible.

Sharing your car is beneficial for you as it allows you to make money on the days you don’t need your car. Feel free to try it out, no strings attached.

How much demand is there in my neighbourhood for car sharing?

Send us an email on We’ll be able to give you an indication of the amount of rental requests in your surrounding zip codes.

How much can I earn with car sharing?

At the end of the day it’s up to you. You determine your own daily rental price (we’ll help you along by showing you a price that’s suitable for your car). Cars with Keyless can earn on average €350 per month.

What happens if I surpass the number of kilometres in my lease agreement?

There is a surcharge for every kilometre that exceeds the number stated in your lease agreement. This also accounts for the kilometres that your renters on SnappCar drive. However, you get to determine which price per kilometre you want your renters to pay.

If exceeding your bundle happens on a regular basis, then you can always choose to expand the number of kilometres. Your lease partner will be able to give you good advice on this too.

What is SnappCar Keyless?

SnappCar Keyless is a way to rent out your car even when you are not around to hand over the keys. It’s an ideal way to make a passive income. SnappCar Keyless allows renters to open your car with the SnappCar app and find your keys in a secured compartment. The codes are ever-changing, meaning your renter can only access your car when you give them permission.

Why do Keyless cars make more money and why are they so popular?

It is multiple times more efficient. You don’t have to be around to rent out your car. Renters can hop in according to their own schedule. And the amount of times your car can be rented increases because of the above.

How does Keyless work when I’m using my own car?

Just like any normal car. You use your car key to open the doors. And in the event of a rental, you leave your keys in the secured compartment and lock the car through the SnappCar app.

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