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⚡️100% Electric!⚡️ With this full electric car you have a range of 150-250 km (100% charged). This range can vary considerably, since it depends on your driving style and for example weather conditions. The car is luxuriously equipped with: ✔️Apple CarPlay ✔️Automatic headlights (also automatic high beams) ✔️Climate control ✔️Built in navigation system ✔️Intelligent cruise control ✔️Built in camera with 360° view (front, sides, back) ✔️Steering wheel is heatable ✔️Front and rear seats are heatable ✔️Front and rear window heating ✔️e-Pedal ❗️There is no need to charge the car before handing it over. We will do the charging afterwards. ➡️ After you’ve made a reservation, let us know how many kilometers you think you’re going to drive. That way we can estimate with how much charge we will need to hand over the car to you (it’ll be always charged for at least 80% though). ➡️ If you’re going to drive a lot (>150 km), then you’ll probably need to charge the car at some point. Don’t worry about charge cards: you can lend our charge cards. We only ask you to keep track of how much you’ve charged (% or kWh) in order to settle the charge costs afterwards. Fast charging costs: €0,60/kWh; public charging costs: ~€0,35/kWh. ➡️ Electricity costs: you can see these as the fuel costs for the car. After you’ve handed over the car, we will calculate how many percent you’ve used up, which we convert to kWh. 100% charge = 40 kWh. The calculation will then be: total used up kWh x €0,35. We will send you a payment request for this. ℹ️ If you’ve got any questions, just ask us, we’re happy to help! Rens & Marianne

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Elektrisch / Hybride
5 zitplaatsen
Bouwjaar 2020
200 vrije KM's per dag
+ KM € 0,20 per extra km
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Zhujie 12 okt. 2020

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Zhujie 20 sep. 2020

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Great car smooth and comfortable

Bram 30 aug. 2020

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Confortabele ervaring, elektrisch rijden. Range is een dingetje, zeker met tegenwind :), maar al met al was het heel prettig om deze te huren.

Ibrahim 29 aug. 2020

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Top verhuurder ! In omgang en service perfect , geen bijzonderheden

Alexandra 10 aug. 2020

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Amazing drive! Very smooth, quiet, and efficient electric car. Payment per kWh is reasonable, and Marianne is very helpful and friendly! Would recommend when in need of electric car :)

Volkswagen Transporter T2

€ 375,00 per dag

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