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About the car

This is an electric SUV, with a range of about 340 km at full charge (assuming you drive economically and the weather is nice). It uses a CCS hypercharger that can very quickly charge the battery if you are traveling far. It is very cozy and can seat 5 people as well as some space in the trunk. Accessories: - Bluetooth - Rear-view camera - Air conditioning - Car charging card - Adjustable driving settings: Economy, nice SUV that will take you where you need to go! I would also recommend the ChargeMap app so you can view card-compatible chargers near you! Rules: -No Smoking -No Pets -Please clean up after yourself and don't leave trash or make a mess in the car. The car may not always be vacuumed between rentals as it is short timing. -Please return the charging card back in the dashboard. Loss of chargemap card will cost €40 for a replacement. -Invoice for charging will be sent to you afterwards. Please pay within 1 day 😊 Note: We cannot guarantee a fully charged vehicle prior to rental. It is not realistic to be able to fully charge the car when there is a rental return before your booking. Failure to pay the charging invoice automatically results in a 1 star rating. If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your booking time, the rental will be canceled, unless previously agreed there is room for flexibility. By booking you accept this notion.

Good to know
Electric / Hybrid
5 seats
Year of manufacture 2019
200 free KM's per day
+ KM € 0,20 per extra km
Do's & Dont's
Going abroad
Leather seats
Tow bar
Winter tires
Other accessories

Dashboard camera, roadside setup kit

Car location

Hi, I am David

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Howdy! My name is Dave, and I am from Texas. I came to work in the Netherlands as a Systems Test Engineer and will be traveling quite a bit, so I'm looking to share my car in the meantime. I have a 2019 Hyundai Kona EV, a nice electric SUV.

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6 reviews

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Vincent Oct 30, 2023

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Philip Sep 24, 2023

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The battery was practically empty when I got it, because it was cold it took an hour to charge it at the local Shell fast charger, and our plans got delayed quite a bit that day. Everything else was superb though. Amazing car, very efficient and comfortable. It’s the 39 kWh battery variant of the Kona with about 250 km of highway range (110 km/h). Charges decently quick (46 kW) once you’ve driven a few hundred km’s and the battery has had a chance to warm up a bit. Don’t try to fast charge it when the battery is cold - it’ll do 20 kW max and you’ll have to wait forever until it reaches 80%. Public charging is single-phase, which means only 3,7 kW at the typical 11 kW public charger. Thus charging from 0-100% takes up to 10 hours. This is something to take into account if you plan to stay at your destination for a short amount of time. I planned it so that we did a quick charge session shortly before arrival (adding 20 kWh, or 50%), and in the four hours at our destination we would charge enough to make it back home again in one go.

Jorg Jul 9, 2023

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Prettige auto, wel rekening houden met de range maar laden is goed te doen. Verhuurder is prettig en responsief. Goede ervaring met ophalen en wegbrengen van de auto.

Kion Jul 1, 2023

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Excellent car. Easy to rent with good communication. Highly recommend

Mehrdad May 29, 2023

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Zeer flexibele verhuurder en een fijne auto.

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