Honda Civic van JK

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Hello, My Honda Civic is available for rent. It is long and specious car with extra leg space. It has big luggage space at back. Since it's automatic and hybrid car, it has average of 20 KM per liter. It has baby seat and audio system via Bluetooth.It also has Parrot device for phone call as well as music. It's available for short as well as long drive. My house is close to Eindhoven station. I am flexible about timing.

Handig om te weten
Elektrisch / Hybride
5 zitplaatsen
Bouwjaar 2007
100 vrije KM's per dag *

* Bij het huren van deze auto krijg je 100 vrije kilometers per dag (excl. brandstof). Voor elke km die je meer rijdt betaal je € 0,25 per km. (excl. fee)

Do's & Dont's
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Overige accessoires

Cruise control and Wireless music system with mobile charger

Locatie van de auto

Hoi, ik ben JK

Geverifieerde gebruikerLid sinds 19 dec. 2018


Hello, I am simple and friendly, easy approachable guy. I like to hang out with friends. I live in Eindhoven city center. My Honda civic is an automatic car. It is well maintained and spacious car. It has very good average, around 18-20 KM per liter. Please reach out to me and enjoy ride.

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Nico 23 feb. 2019

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Paco 18 feb. 2019

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Milane 17 feb. 2019

Extremely good car, drivers very smooth. JK is very accommodating and friendly . He explained everything perfectly.

Moussa 10 feb. 2019

Car nice and quiet and (Jk) nice person explain everything about the car certainly want to deal with it again

Aurimas 3 feb. 2019

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