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I am very passionate about sharing economy and since I don't use Vanya (that's the name of the van by the way) daily, I am more than happy to rent her out here so more people can enjoy her when moving, buying furniture or any other moving job really. Thanks to its clean engine (EURO 5), the van is allowed in all environmental areas. With its 3-seater sofa, it is convenient for two co-drivers for longer trips. This van is rented keyless! Vanya is a great and safe van. It comes with all the necessary safety extras (first aid and roadsite kits, warning triangle etc.). Additionally, I've included moving equipment, all free to use (trolley, moving ropes and blanket). The moving equipment is located under the front passanger seat, so you can enjoy all the space you need in the trunk. The van drives very smoothly and it's super comfortable. Suitable for longer journeys and you can enjoy a price discount as well. I always keep my calendar up to date and ever since turning on Instant Booking and equipping it with Keyless, it has become the perfect van to rent without hassle. The dimensions of the trunk are: Length: 336cm Width: 172cm Height: 190cm (height of the van 240cm). Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Otherwise, I wish you a great ride with this beauty. Please refuel before you drop her off and send the receipt to me. Generally, if you picked the van with a full tank, please return it with a full tank as well. Otherwise, you can calculate your journey accordingly with the the average consumption of 8l Diesel per 100km, then just fuel as much as needed.

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Bouwjaar 2014
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SnappCar Keyless

Deze auto kun je openen met de app, zonder dat de verhuurder erbij hoeft te zijn.

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Overige accessoires

- Moving trolley - Moving blanket - Transport ropes to secure your items - Phone holder - First Aid kit - Roadsite assistance kit - Dashcam for your safety and security

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Hoi, ik ben Tsvetelin

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Hi! I'm Tsvetelin (Lino), 31 years old and I live in The Hague. I work as a compliance specialist but as a hobby I restore and upcycle furniture, giving it a second chance. I am a big believer in sharing, circular economy and recycling. That's why I decided to rent out my van (Vanya) when I don't use her for my furniture business. Other than being busy, I love travelling, reading personal finance books, going to the gym and learning to play the guitar. To be fully transparent with you what I

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Daan 25 sep. 2021

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Elvis 24 sep. 2021

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Fayçal 22 sep. 2021

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Super auto!

Azhar 21 sep. 2021

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Lara-Britt 19 sep. 2021

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