Keyless is simple and popular with our renters

With SnappCar Keyless, you can rent out your car remotely. Once you accept a rental request, the renter can open the car with the SnappCar app. You simply keep your key in the dashboard.. How great does that sound? Your car almost rents itself. 

Furthermore, SnappCar Keyless is more popular: Keyless cars get up to 3x more rental requests. Our renters love Keyless because it is easy to use, which means more income for you!

Interested? Fill out the form and our experts will check the compatibility for SnappCar Keyless in your car. Not compatible yet? No worries. Our systems are constantly getting updated and available for more cars. If your car is not yet compatible, chances are we will be able to help you in the future.

Carsharing makes an impact, on your neighbourhood and our planet.

Did you know that the average car stands still for 23 hours per day? Quite inefficient. SnappCar questions this status quo. We can do this smarter – especially together. Every car that is shared, takes away the need for ten other cars. one in ten. Imagine how much space we can create together, in your neighbourhood and on our streets, simply by sharing our cars. Less cars, less emissions, a better planet for all of us. Good work!

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Is Keyless possible for you?

Tell us more about your car
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Monthly subscription fee€ 9,99€ 29,99 Passenger car
€ 39,99 (moving) Van
€ 19,99€ 9,99
Minimum / Maximum keyless cars active in account11 - 34 - 910 +
Maximum bookings per per month5No maximumNo maximumNo maximum
Minimum duration6 months6 months12 months12 months
Additional commission13,5NoNoNo
Available in cityAmsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Groningen, Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft, Arnhem, Amersfoort.All locations in The NetherlandsAll locations in The NetherlandsAll locations in The Netherlands
Direct phone supportDaily from 9AM - 6PM Daily from 7AM to midnightDaily from 7AM to midnightDaily from 7AM to midnight
Compensation for small damages*NoNoUp to €250,- per vehicle *Up to €250,- per vehicle *
Compensation for a total-loss case **NoNo€1000,- per case **€1000,- per case **
Reimbursement of fuel costs and traffic fines ***After evidence is provided that attempts were made to collect the fine from the renter.After evidence is provided that attempts were made to collect the fine from the renter.Direct reimbursement ***Direct reimbursement ***
Expansion advice (regional insights, tax assistance, EV transition etc.)NoNoYesYes
Deposit for keyless hardware€80,-€80,-€80,-No
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This proposition is new and will automatically take effect for existing keyless users from 01/04/2024.

Available for you?
When am I eligible?
* Conditions for small damage compensation
** Conditions for additional total-loss compensation
*** Conditions for direct reimbursement of traffic fines
*** Conditions for direct reimbursement of fuel costs
Rent your car remotely Rent your car up to 3x more often with Keyless Safe and secure via Allianz

Using SnappCar Keyless

What are the costs?
Renting out with SnappCar
How does Keyless work?
What are the costs?

SnappCar Keyless can be installed for free. Our standard package costs €29,99 per month. If your car is in one of our active areas, it is possible starting at €9,99. Should you find that the system is not for you, you can have it removed free of charge after 6 months.  In our experience, you easily earn the costs of the subscription because of the increase in rental requests.

We install the system for free at our partner in Amsterdam. We do have a deposit of €80, that you will receive once the system is removed.

Do you want the installation on your doorstep? This is possible, under certain conditions, for free.

Renting out with SnappCar
How does Keyless work?

What others say about SnappCar Keyless

Which of course all drive as green as possible!
I earned back all costs during my leasing contract by keyless sharing, without physical contact with tenants.
Laura | Haarlem
With keyless, my car is often available. And I also drive very economically.
Antoinne | Den Haag
SnappCar's keyless solution makes it easy for anyone in the neighborhood to use my car!
Jaap | Utrecht

FAQ; The most frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of SnappCar Keyless?
  • Rent out your car remotely – no need for you to be present and hand over the carkey. This way, renting out your car is quick and easy!
  • Because SnappCar Keyless is so effortless, it is much more popular with our renters. On average, Keyless cars are rented out 3x more often!
  • SnappCar Keyless is a safe way to rent out your car. If anything does happen during a rental, we make sure you are always insured with the Allianz carsharing insurence.
What technology is installed in my car?

SnappCar Keyless uses a reliable, German technology, which is instlled by a certified installer. This (invisible) technology will be connected to the existing electronics in your car after which it can communicate, using mobile internet, with the SnappCar App.

Can I still use my own car?

Yes, of course! You can decide when you rent your car. If you want to use the car yourself you can use the key, or the SnappCar App. If you are planning to rent out the car, you place the key in the holder and close your car with the app.

A more detailed instruction is provided after installation.

When am I elidglible for Keyless?

In order for SnappCar Keyless to function properly, it is important that your car meets the following requirements:

  • Every car needs to have central locks.
  • The software needs to be compatible with the hardware solution. This depends on the model and year of manufacturing.
  • The car should be good condition to prevent any breakdowns. Because we can not check the current state of every car, we use the mileage and year of manufacturing.
  • In consultation with our insurer we exclude certain models.
  • Renters are able to reach your car by foot (so it is not behind a closed gate).
  •  Your car is in a location where an internet connection is possible (so not in an underground parking space).
  •  You have 2 keys for the car.
How and where will the installation take place?

The installation will be performed by our certified partner, Protect Effect. After signing the contract, they will call you to make an appointment for the installation. This can be done on two locations:

  • The default location is at the Protect Effect workshop, in Amsterdam Noord. The install takes about 3 hours, during which you are welcome to have a seat in the waiting room. There are plenty of seats and free WiFi available, or you can borrow a bike and explore the neighbourhood. Installation at the Protect Effect workshop are included in your subscription.
  • For a fee, the installation can also be at a location of your choice (for example at your own house). If you choose this option, the location needs to be dry and warm. Preferably the installation is performed underneath a roof because otherwise in case of rain or snow, the installation can not take place. Costs for installation on your own location are € 49,-
What data is tracked?

With the SnappCar Keyless-technology that is installed in your car, SnappCar has acces to certain details abour your car, including (depending on the model) fuel leve, mileage, GPS-location and general user information about the car. This data will not be shared with third parties, in a way where this data is (or can be) traceable to an individual, unless SnappCar is obligated and/or when there is a well-founded reason for doing so, e.g. suspected misuse or fraudulent activitier. For more information, take a loot at the Keyless Privacy Policy.

How is my car secured?
  • Only you and a renter with an accepted booking are able to open the car
  • Your carkey is kept securely and hidden from sight in your car
  • SnappCar Keyless uses an immobilizer for extra safety. Even if there is a break-in and the key is taken, the car can not be started.
  • You can see the location of your car at any given time in the SnappCar App, unless an active rental is taking place (to guarantee the pivacy of the renter).

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