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As a SnappPartner, you can make money quickly and safely by sharing cars with your neighbours.

You can enjoy all of our SnappPartner benefits with four or more cars on our platform. Sharing more than ten cars through SnappCar? Look at you go! As SnappPartner Plus you get a discount on your monthly subscription costs.

  • No need to hand over keys

    with our smart Keyless technology

  • Completely covered by Allianz & SnappCar

    No worries in the case of damages or conflicts

  • Make the most out of sharing your car

    The money’s in your account within three working days

Muriel, an owner, proudly shows off her Fiat 500 that she rents out on SnappCar

Making people happy with affordable mobility and getting something out of it. I combine maintaining my fleet with a run :) Sweating a bit, washing the car and securing a pair of forgotten sunglasses.

Check out the advantages of sharing cars as a SnappPartner

SnappCar is the only platform in the Netherlands that lets you share multiple cars or vans with your neighbours - with transparent fees and a proven business model. Read more about what you can earn with SnappCar.

SnappPartner SnappPartner Plus
Number of cars or vans 4 to 9 vehicles 10 or more vehicles
Minimum subscription period 12 months 12 months
Monthly subscription fee per vehicle €19.99 €9.99
Payment into your account Within 3 working days Within 3 working days
Personal support hotline 7 days a week, between 7am to midnight 7 days a week, between 7am to midnight
Insurance via Allianz All-risk, with coverage of up to €90,000 per vehicle All-risk, with coverage of up to €90,000 per vehicle
SnappCar compensation for small damages   Up to €250 per vehicle Up to €250 per vehicle
SnappCar total-loss compensation   €1000 per vehicle €1000 per vehicle
Reimbursement during conflicts about fuel and fines   Direct reimbursement Direct reimbursement
Deposit Keyless hardware €80 No deposit
Potential yearly earnings   Between €38.400 to €86.400 per year More than €96.000 per year

Benefit from the sharing economy with ease

  • Get everything set up together with your dedicated account manager
  • More vehicles means lower subscription fees
  • Free Keyless box and free installation
  • Get compensated automatically in the case of damages or conflicts

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Want to get started as SnappPartner (4 or more vehicles) or SnappPartner Plus (10 or more vehicles)? We’d love to tell you more about it. Leave your details and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.

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Sharing cars with SnappCar is easy

Transparency, fair prices for our owners, and working on a more sustainable future together. That’s what it’s about at SnappCar. Read more here about renting out cars with SnappCar.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I decide which cars I use myself?

How often should I check the cars for damage?

Do I have control over which renters I allow?

Do I have to pay taxes on the income?

What are the advantages of SnappCar Keyless?

Can I still use my cars myself?

How is my car secured?

Levelling up how we use cars, together

The SnappCar mission: cut back on 50% of the cars on the road by using the cars we already have more efficiently. As a SnappPartner, you help us fulfil this mission while making the sharing economy work for you.


Stronger communities

By sharing your cars as SnappPartner, we can open up our carsharing community to more people.


Green economy

As a SnappPartner, you’re helping us build a more resilient sharing economy; a system that’s better for us and for the planet


Fewer cars on the road

By using the cars we already have more efficiently, we’ll need up to 50% fewer cars out on the road in the future.


Better neighbourhoods

More cars being shared means we need fewer parking spaces, leaving plenty of room for people and nature in our local neighbourhoods.