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Renault Clio van Zakaria

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Super goed rijden! Je rijdt namelijk op gas! Voor 0,45 cent per liter of zelfs 0,30 cent per liter. Dus heb jij even geen auto ter beschikking of je hebt gewoon een auto nodig dan kun je letterlijk voor een prikje rijden!

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5 zitplaatsen
Bouwjaar 2001
300 vrije KM's per dag
+ KM € 0,15 per extra km
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Hoi, ik ben Zakaria

Geverifieerde gebruikerLid sinds 7 sep. 2020


Voetbal, sporten en reizen

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Marc Anthony 14 okt. 2020

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User 25 sep. 2020

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Panteleimon 24 sep. 2020

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The listing is misleading in many ways. First of all, the fuel is LPG and not petrol. Furthermore, there are not enough pictures and there is a reason for that. Starting with he exterior, the car is hit on the right side, so there is a huge bump on the co-driver's door, with the protective plastic sticking out. The windshield has a noticeably big crack that almost crosses the whole width of it. The right mirror is also cracked. Not to mention other various scratches around the body. Moving into the interior. Except for the cabin being undescribably dirty and stained all over, there were broken parts everywhere, loose cables, torn seats, and the co-driver's door was falling apart. The headliner of the roof was also hanging. More importantly, the functionality of the car was inadequate. For starters, the coolant reservoir was empty, and the owner prompted me to fill it up with pure water that he put in the trunk. Of course that led to the water evaporating and me having to refill the reservoir. Also, the windshield wash reservoir was empty. The central locking mechanism did not work for all doors, the driver's window would not work, and the windshield wipers would randomly turn on and I had to turn off the engine so they would stop because the control handle wouldn't work. The clutch pedal mechanism needed replacement, and the gearstick would wiggle uncontrollably while accelerating. I went to Amsterdam and back successfully but I did not feel safe for even a second while driving. This car should not even be on the road, let alone on SnappCar.

User 19 sep. 2020

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