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With just 95.000 km and a nice interior this car is really comfortable. I’ve never had any problems with it and I really enjoy driving with this car. It uses 1 Liter gasoline E5 on 16 Km’s on avarage(1:16) on the highway and covers a range from 720 km’s on 45 Liters(50 is the max capacity). I prefer no animals in the car, but if you keep te car clean I’ve no problems with it. Please send the following information when you send a rental request: - Age, study/work - What’s the reason of your rental? Since rental cars potentially can be used by drunken drivers, drug sellers or other criminal activities, I won’t rent it out for just a night. Based on this information I'll decide if I will rent it or not.

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Bouwjaar 2001
200 vrije KM's per dag
+ KM € 0,15 per extra km
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I’m an Aeronautical Engineering student and Aircraft Technician born in 1992. I live in Delft for quite a while and since I study in Delft as well I do not use my car that much. Therefore I’m letting other people enjoy my car in the time I’m not using it.

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Lorenzo 3 apr. 2020

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Jac 26 sep. 2019

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Lady D 1 sep. 2019

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Marco 24 aug. 2019

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Good guy, car drives well and is in good condition. Would rent again.

Martijn 21 aug. 2019

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Alles goed verlopen, contact met verhuurder ging super snel!

Daihatsu Cuore

€ 22,50 per dag

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