Peugeot 206 van Mete

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Highway Machine, Powerful 2,000 cc, One Tank Goes 1300 km, Sharing it when not using it, Use at your own risk, the Car is "as is", that means the owner accepts no responsibility about the car that is not covered by SnappCar, Do not speed above road limits, Pls be mindful, many KM it has on it yet still a performer...

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5 zitplaatsen
Bouwjaar 2003
200 vrije KM's per dag
+ KM € 0,15 per extra km (excl. fee)
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Bike carrier made available only upon request, a week before rental, pls note...

Locatie van de auto

Hoi, ik ben Mete

Geverifieerde gebruikerLid sinds 31 mei 2019


chill, professional, casual, trusting, fun

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Johan 5 okt. 2019

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De accu van de auto had problemen. Bij het ophalen en bij het terugbrengen wilde de auto niet starten. Verder had de auto ook wat andere gebreken zoals het missen van een achterruitenwisser. De verhuurder was wel erg behulpzaam en vriendelijk.

Cyril 1 sep. 2019

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That was great

Yuval 28 aug. 2019

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The car waited for me 4 km away from where it was supposed to be parked. Even after I politely asked the owner to bring it to where it should have been, he didn't do it. Instead, he asked me to pick up the car a day earlier from the distant location, 'drive carefully because there is no insurance on you Saturday', and have me pay for parking until my rental starts. In addition, the speedometer occasionally stopped working and the car was not clean. For instance, the back seat was seemingly full of dog hairs. At the end of the rental, it took the owner two days to pick up the car keys.

Anne Jet 26 aug. 2019

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Communication was a bit vague before the pick up. The car was registered in Amsterdam South, but the actual pick up was in East. This was a bit inconvenient because it took me half an hour extra to get there and almost made me late for the wedding. The car itself is old but drives good and is pretty economical.

Rahi 20 aug. 2019

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The car was great. I had a good experience, and I will suggest it to the others.

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