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please park the Car in de Rivierenbuurt next to Cafe vrijdag. My name is JJ and this is my keyless Opel Vivaro. Build to be big. Keyless is super easy and means that the key is already inside of the car, so that you can take it without my help. 30 min before the booking starts, when you check in, Snappcar will provide you with a link to unlock the car. After this you can use it like a regular car. The Opel is a L1H1 version meaning that is measurements are 2.4 x 1.6m x 1.4m. For more technical information check the pictures. The car lives in the Rivierenbuurt and can usually be found in the Rivierenbuurt at one of two locations, but always near Cafe Vrijdag. - de vrijheidslaan - Or de kromme Mijdrechtstraat The car has a parking licence for the rivierenbuurt 4.2, which means easy and free parking. There is a copy of the parking area in the pictures. Let me know if you have any other questions, I am here to help. JJ

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Bouwjaar 2014
100 vrije KM's per dag
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Im JJ and I live in de Rivierenbuurt, right in the heart of Amsterdams huzzle & buzzle. Living here has been wonderful and due to the enormous success it’s been prolonged for a couple of years. I am a businessman and try to focus on creating value for the people around me. My main business is recruitment, but driving and renting out vans is as much fun. On Snappcar I have 2 Opel Vivaro’s to help people with moving house or transport heavy equipment. One lives in De Pijp and the other one in the Rivierenbuurt. They are free to roam as they please, but have to sleep in a specific area. Most of the time they can be found on the Hemonylaan or the Stadshouderskade or de vrijheidslaan. Want to get to know me better, rent one of my vans ? Then give me a call 0650474528

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Suzanna van houweninge 19 jan. 2020

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Top bus! Rijdt superlekker en heel veel laadruimte! Zeker een aanrader!

Merel 19 jan. 2020

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Dordzhi 18 jan. 2020

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De gebruiker heeft geen tekst geplaatst

Stefanie 15 jan. 2020

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Handig en snel, hele positieve ervaring!

Niels 8 jan. 2020

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Opel Vivaro

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