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Fiat Punto Evo van Romeu

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Welcome to my Punto! Very pleasant car well balanced for long journeys and/or to use with a trailer. I can rent a trailer as well if you need. It is my daily drive, but in the summer I'm open to use the motorbike. Only not on Wednesdays as I like to drive to bouldering with friends. It drives super smooth and the cruise control is handy on the highways. The fuel efficiency is quite good around 4.5l/100 - 22km/l which also counts for an efficient ride. Please contact me about the key transfer moment and place as it is day-to-day dependent.

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5 zitplaatsen
Bouwjaar 2011
150 vrije KM's per dag
+ KM € 0,15 per extra km
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Cruise control, long range (900km in one tank), USB charger, navigation with a 7inch tablet, winter tires only in winter time!

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Hoi, ik ben Romeu

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Hello! My name is Romeu and I live in Hilversum for 5 years. Few years ago I acquired the Punto which has been serving me super well. Rides smooth and quite cheap (cruise control + diesel). I also enjoy motorbiking, am a proud owner of an Aprilia RSV which I enjoy using to commute in the summer time. Therefore the Punto can be of use for someone else who may need it. See you around! (sorry i've got no facebook, otherwise i'd definitely link it here)

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Yara 13 aug. 2019

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very nice clean car.

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